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Golf Clinics

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Golf Clinic

Join  PGA Professionals Eric Martin and fitness instructor Fran Bement this season at the Hamburg Fitness Center. This golf clinic is designed to help you bring your physical fitness and golfing technique “back up to par” just in time for golf season. Learn training techniques for hitting the ball this season with strength and ease while reducing chances for pre-season injury. This clinic will have 6 unique educational and activity packed clinics. Each clinic will have a specific training focus that will pair 45 minutes of golf specific conditioning with 45 minutes of technique golf instruction.

Each fitness training will enhance core strength, lower body stabilization and torso flexibility. Each week there will be new exercises that will improve the power in your swing, the flexibility needed for an efficient golf swing and stability in the lower body to anchor you through each stroke. We will work on exercises that can be completed both at the HFCC and at home for your own private training once the sessions are complete. All of the fitness training will build a foundation and compliment the golf instruction presented.

You don’t have to be an expert to participate – just enthusiastic. Our talented Clinic instructors will do the rest. These clinics were developed to enhance our Group Fitness Schedule and Clinics are open to members and non-members alike and may be purchased separately.

2021 Clinic Dates To Be Determined