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Cycle Fusion

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cycling-fusion class

Challenge yourself with 90 minutes of interval training combining music, movement and sweat! Build your aerobic endurance, challenge muscle strength, work every muscle within your legs, core, and upper body to ensure you achieve all your fitness goals! A high octane exercise class that will blast through fitness plateaus and melt away calories! Combine high intensity cardio training with interval strength and resistance training, for toning and firming muscles. Feel the energy of dynamic music, climb hills, chase the pack, race to the finish to find your personal best! A group exercise that simulates an outdoor ride, indoors with plenty of coaching from your instructor. Resistance tube and light weights may be used.

You don’t have to be an expert to participate – just enthusiastic. Our talented Clinic instructors will do the rest. These clinics were developed to enhance our Group Fitness Schedule and Clinics are open to members and non-members alike and may be purchased separately. Clinics change regularly or seasonally, so if something here intrigues you, sign up now!

Join us in our specially designed cycle studio equipped with 35 stationary bikes. Super non-impact cardio workout for all fitness levels.

Wear cool clothing, athletic or cycle shoes and bring plenty of water for proper hydration. Heart rate monitor is suggested.