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Edward LeBlanc is the Founder and President of CourtSessions.  He works with coaches of all levels focusing on skill development, coaching development and adapting team concepts to personnel. He also speaks at clinics and camps nationwide, and has helped write basketball curriculum for several different entities.

Edward has been a PGC Director for the past 6 years and has led thousands of players through PGC courses. Edward is a leading skills trainer, having worked with middle school, high school, college, and professional players, including WNBA and NBA players.


  •  Youth basketball training coming this fall
  • Additional training opportunities



The Ballers program is designed by Court Sessions specifically for children ages 5-14 years old.  This program provides lots of fun and offers great instruction to build young players  fundamentals and skills in the early stages of their development. 

Spring Program Dates TBD

Class Level & Age Range Day & Time 
Red Level (5-6 years)  9:00 am
Green Level (7-10 years)  10:00 am
Blue Level (7-10 years)  9:00 am
Gold Level (6th – 8th Grade)  10:00 am

          Children will be evaluated on the first day and may be regrouped based on skill and maturity.

Additional Information: Email:[email protected]


Red Level 5-6 years: Introductory
Participants will begin working on becoming ball comfortable and learning the game basics of basketball. A general understanding of what happens on the court and an overview of rule descriptions are taught over the course of the session.

Green Level 7-10 years: Introductory
Teachers will work to lay the foundation of shooting mechanics, footwork, and ball handling in this clinic.

Blue Level 7-10 years: Intermediate
Participants will gain an understanding of the rules of the game and in addition, a founding knowledge for what happens on the court. Our blue level clinic is a continuation and progression of the knowledge gained in the green levels. With the addition of game-like situations and speed, participants in this level can expect to challenge themselves as they advance through the session.

Gold 6th-8th Grade: Experienced
The highest levels of the program will challenge players to implement with high efficiency, all aspects of the previous levels at game speed. This performance focused clinic will cater to athletes with previous or current experience on travel basketball teams.