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Children will enjoy games that will have them jumping, wiggling, rolling and running and will keep them engaged and active while still having fun! Playful game-like exercises help improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Parachute, balls, and music may be used to keep the group moving! It is important to develop healthy habits at an early age and that is just what this class does.

The class is held for 45 minutes in the gymnasium. Great alternative to childcare or can be attended in conjunction with child care. Appropriate for ages 4-8. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

    • level 2 swim class

      Fundamentals Of Water Skills

      Swim lessons are among the most popular activities we offer! Our children's swim lessons teach important swim skills and water safety in an atmosphere that's both playful and welcoming. Lessons are offered through out the year for those experiencing the water for the first time to those fine tuning their…