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Brighton - Michigan

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Shannon Simmons

Certified Personal Trainer


Fire Power Fitness

Contact:(810) 623 – 6929 or fill out the form on the right to email me directly.

Shannon’s life is centered around her passion for health and fitness. Exercising for over 3 years straight on her own, she wants to pass on her knowledge to those who wish to better themselves and achieve their goals.

“I struggled with body anxiety all my life. I’ve hit almost every setback that you can encounter during the fitness journey- been there, done that. Went from exceptional athlete, to couch potato, to subpar lifter, to overall beast. Allow me to help you get over your plateau, expand your horizons, achieve your goals and conquer your fears and insecurities. I will be your coach, your friend, your enemy. No bull- just results. This is the new age of personal training.”


  • Sport / Athletic Conditioning
  • Fat loss + Toning
  • Mass + Maxing
  • New-to-Fitness


  • Consultation/ Fitness assessment..…. $35
  • One on one training…… $35
  • Group training…… $20/person
  • Form Evaluation and Improvement…… $20