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Brighton - Michigan

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Russ Klimczak

Personal Trainer

HFCC Trainer

Contact: (248)924-1665 or fill out the form on the right to email me directly.

Growing up, I have always been involved in sports (mainly hockey). Training regularly became second nature to me. In my eyes, it was inevitable for me to go down some sort of athletic training path. I wasn’t far off in my prediction as I attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. The human body has always fascinated me. The more I learned and grew my skill set, the more interest I found in general populations as opposed to athletic populations. Getting someone who doesn’t like exercise to eventually enjoy it and find their individual path is extremely fulfilling for me.

It is my goal to shine new light on what it means to be healthy. People can be intimidated by or unsure of what it takes to be healthy. They look at the long game and how much time it will take to achieve their health and fitness goals and get discouraged. Although it is important to have a long-term goal, I put a large emphasis on the now and near future. A major focus of my training is building a physically strong foundation. Additionally, I aim to build an understanding of what we are trying to achieve overall.

My programs are designed with your goals in mind, but also your personality. It is my hope that you leave every session feeling what muscles we trained, as well as an understanding of why and how it will be beneficial for you in the future!
“Move Better, Feel Stronger, Live Greater!”

Methods of Training:Emphasis on full body routines
Functional strength
Joint mobility & muscular flexibility

1-hour training session: $50
Fitness Assessment: $50

Group Training:
2 people: $60 ($30/person)
3 people: $75 ($25/person)
4 people: $80 ($20/person)