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Bruno Drouillard

Bruno Drouillard

CPR / AED / First Aid, National CPR Foundation

Bruno Drouillard, 25, started lifting weights around the age of 16.  Since then he has worked with 22 different individuals over the years from various gyms ranging from 15-80 years old. He has read numerous studies about nutrition, specific lifts/exercises, lifestyle choices.  Additionally he has watched 1000+ hours of: videos from top lifters, scientific videos that use studies to determine proper technique and which exercises are most effective for specific weight lifting disciplines.



  Why you should work with me:

  • I focus heavily on compound movements and proper technique which use the most muscles at once to achieve the best results.
  • If you’re a new lifter, working with someone like me who is very experienced can help to maximize your learning and lifting skills.
  • I work for YOU. You don’t pay extra for extra time taken. If you take my workshop and stay after to ask a question or need clarification, I don’t charge you more and stick around. If you text me at 10 pm and ask about an ingredient in your bread from the store, I will do my best to answer. 
  • I can help you restructure your body composition. Whether it’s to “cut” (lose fat gain muscle) or “bulk” (gain mass and more muscle) I can instruct you on how YOU personally can do that, because it’s different for everyone. 
  • I am also a life-long vegetarian and can give you more options outside of meat, and of course recommend a few healthy lean meats you can have.
  • I take this very seriously. I am here to teach you the most important lifts you will need to attain your goals. You WILL work hard when you’re ready, and I will help you to become ready in a safe manner. 
  • I want to see you succeed!


$50 – Training Session

$40 – Trial Training Session (workout with me for one day and see my routine and if you’d like to work with me further)

$40 – PROPER TECHNIQUE, INJURY PREVENTION, PAIN RELIEF IN BACK, Workshop for: Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Overhead press

$71 – Trial Training session + Technique Workshop package ($9 discount)

$80 – Trial Training session + first Personal Training session ($10 discount)