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Rachel Corden, PT

Rachel Corden

Rachel Corden

Contact: 248-756-6413 or fill out the form on the right to email me directly.

Hamburg Fitness Center and in-house Physical Therapist, Rachel Corden, can help you overcome those aches and pains to enable you to perform at your best!

Rachel is a Physical Therapist who has been helping patients in Michigan regain their health and wellness since 1999.  She is owner of Backn’Motion Physical Therapy, PLLC.  Rachel is a McKenzie credentialed therapist and specializes in the treatment of neck and low back pain.  Rachel also treats other orthopedic conditions and injuries such as but not limited to: shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, foot pain, etc. 

How to book an appointment: 
Contact Rachel for a quick 10 minute phone (call or consult) prior to booking your one-on-one session.  Rachel will conduct a quick screen to see if you qualify for further assessment and treatment. 

Common Questions???
Do I need a doctor script to start? No
Do I need diagnostics, such as MRI’s, X-rays to start? No
Can I use my insurance? No (some insurances provide reimbursement after treatment)
If I have Medicare can I pay for cash-based PT services? Unfortunately no. Medicare restricts cash bash PT to telehealth services only

What type of treatment would I expect to receive?
(After 1 hour evaluation, treatment can include any of the following depending on PT’s findings): 

Pain Relieving Strategies

  • Manual Techniques
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Manual Stretching
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • HEP Instruction
  • Self-Management Tools
  • Postural Correction

1 hour PT Evaluation: $150 | 1 hour PT follow-up: $125 Package prices can be discussed based on individual needs.