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Mind & Body Studio

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Hamburg Fitness Mind and Body Studio

It’s the perfect combination… fitness, flexibility, mobility, body and mind awareness! Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp‘s in-house Mind & Body Studio enhances your fitness experience by providing a unique atmosphere to explore different opportunities such as Yoga, Pilates and Barre, as well as, youth programs.

This studio is located on the second floor of our facility, and offers a personal experience for participants. Temperature and lighting is controlled. The studio is able to offer heated yoga classes in a calming environment. Mats, yoga blocks, balls, light weights, tubes are available to challenge muscle endurance and stability. The studio is also outfitted with ballet bars at multiple levels to suit a variety of students.

Our studio will offer special classes/clinics and workshops through out the year on a pay-per-use basis. Each clinic or workshop must have a minimum number of students pre-registered to run, if there is space available once session begins walk-ins are welcome.


    • Hamburg Fitness Barre and Core

      Yoga Pulse

      Yoga Pulse blends traditional yoga asanas with pulsing barre exercises for total body conditioning with emphasis on the core, seat, thighs and arms. Start with a warm-up and sun salutations, move to the barre for strengthening and balancing postures. Class continues with core mat work and supported inversions - you'll…
    • Hamburg Fitness Hot Yin Yoga

      Hot Yin/Gentle Yoga

      A gentle yoga practice great for beginners or those experiencing an injury or limited range of motion. This class develops strength, flexibility and balance while gently lengthening the spine. The addition of the Yin practice in this class opens the tight connective tissues of hips, spine and shoulders.  Students open the passive…
    • Hamburg Fitness Hot Vinyasa Yoga

      Hot Vinyasa Yoga

      A faster paced practice linking breath with movement. Postures are joined together in a challenging cardio flow promoting mental and physical balance as well as endurance and stamina. Upbeat music and a heated room stimulate cleansing of the body and clarity of the mind. 75 Minute class for the moderate…
    • 4717009_orig

      Core Circuit & Stretch

      Strengthen your deep core muscles & provide balance & symmetry to your body with Pilates inspired movements. Engage and strengthen muscles that support the spine. Add a series of stretches using ballet barre, rollers and balls to massage and melt tight locked areas to create more flexibility and range of motion.…