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Brighton - Michigan

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Hot Vinyasa Yoga

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Hamburg Fitness Hot Vinyasa Yoga

A faster paced practice linking breath with movement. Postures are joined together in a challenging cardio flow promoting mental and physical balance as well as endurance and stamina. Upbeat music and a heated room stimulate cleansing of the body and clarity of the mind. 75 Minute class for the moderate to advanced yogi.

This studio is located on the second floor of our facility, and offers a personal experience for participants. Temperature and lighting is controlled. Mats, yoga blocks and straps are available. Wear lightweight comfortable clothing and bring water for proper hydration.

Our studio will offer a consistent weekly schedule on a pay-per-use basis. 

One Month Unlimited Classes

Member $30 | Non-Member $50  

Walk Ins Available Space Permitting

Members $8 | Non-Members $12

Punch Cards may be purchased after your introductory trial.
5 Sessions: Member $40 | Non-Member $60
10 Sessions: Member $75 | Non-Member $115
20 Sessions: Member $130 | Non-Member $210