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Hamburg Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes range from yoga, to weights, to aerobics, to water workouts here at Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp. And the best part about our classes is that they’re all included with your gym membership!

So don’t let the same routine put a damper on your exercise enthusiasm. View our class options below, and try out any or all of them to add ‘oomph’ to your workouts.

  • yoga-class

    Yoga Classes

    Our yoga classes are offered in both the Group Exercise Studio and the Mind & Body Studio. The Mind & Body Studio was created to enhance your experience by providing a unique atmosphere to explore different opportunities such as Yoga, Pilates and Barre, as well as, youth programs. This studio is…
  • zumba


    A fiercely fun dance fitness workout class based on pop rock and hip-hop music! The warm up previews the dance steps used in class, the cool down includes balance and yoga inspired poses. The remainder of the class is pure movement and fun. Whether you love to dance or just…
  • hamburg fitness

    HIIT – Burn

    This High Intensity Interval Training class is a total body aerobic and strength conditioning workout. Combine full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and focus your mind. Upbeat music and motivational cues drive each student to find the burn and work…
  • hamburg fitness

    FIT (Functional Integrated Training)

    All fitness levels welcome!

    Functional Integrated Training is a body strength training class challenging muscle endurance, balance and coordination. Class provides a balanced workout between upper and  lower body.  Add segments of core training to strengthen abs and low back. Great music to keep motivated, build skill and coordination. Class integrates stability balls, weights,…
  • hamburg fitness

    Core PLUS

    The core is the central focus of movement in the body and influences balance, mobility, coordination and strength. This class focuses on improving function in each of these areas.  Each class provides a non-impact core workout to increase mind-body awareness, while challenging the back, abdominal and hip muscles.  Bosus, bands…
  • hamburg fitness

    HIIT Tone

    High Intensity

    This High Intensity Interval Training class is a total body aerobic and strength conditioning workout.  Combine resistance training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to make your body stronger and more functional, improve your endurance and focus your mind. Upbeat music and motivational cues drive each student to find the burn and…
  • Hamburg Fitness class

    Knock Out Cardio

    All fitness levels welcome!

    Fuse kickboxing and strength training into an interval class format to burn mega calories! Learn simple kickboxing moves combined with intervals of strength training.  This class is fiercely energetic and unleashes the energy within using driving music and powerful movements. This dynamic class promotes weight loss, increases mobility, agility, focus…
  • hamberg fitness

    Hatha Yoga Mix

    Hatha Mix is a great  yoga class for beginners or those experiencing an injury or limited range of motion. This class is practiced at a slower pace and develops strength, flexibility and balance while gently lengthening the spine. Learn basic yet challenging poses, sequencing, proper breathing and integration of the mind.…
  • Gentle Yoga

    Gentle Yoga

    A gentle yoga practice suitable for beginners. Class is performed at a slower pace and includes less intense positions.  Focus is placed on stretching, balance,  breath work, meditation and relaxation.   
  • Zumba Step

    Zumba step is the traditional high-intensity lower body workout that you love from traditional step aerobics, powered by the energetic music from Zumba(R).  If you are participating to tone a body part, or just to have a fun break from your day give this class a try! Modifications for all…
  • cycling class


    If you are a cycling enthusiast or are just contemplating your first ride come check out our Cycle Studio! Whether you want to burn off a few extra pounds or train for an event, we have a class that will appeal to you! Our rides are exhilarating and fun and…
  • hamburg fitness

    Sweat & Strength

    This class combines cardio and strength and amps up the fun! Tone and strengthen your entire body with a specific format of interval training. Increase your energy, metabolism and endurance using weights, tubes etc. to provide resistance.  Modifications given for all fitness levels.  Wear comfortable lightweight clothing, athletic shoes and…
  • Circuit Blast

    Circuit Boot Camp

    This high energy fun class focuses on circuit training designed with a high, medium and low level to challenge any fitness level. Cardio, calisthenics, strength and endurance training are combined in a no-nonsense easy to follow package. Upbeat music fuels the class energy and pushes to the limits. This dynamic…
  • silver-sneakers

    Silver Sneakers Classic

    Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and Silver Sneakers balls are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support.…
  • aqua-zumba

    Aqua Zumba

    The ultimate dance party in the pool! Combine all the dynamic movements of Zumba, great music and the safety of the water for an exhilarating workout. Intense cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all fun beyond belief! Class is easy on the joints, increases range of motion, agility, coordination, balance while…

    Join us for a full body workout, challenging the upper, lower and core muscles. This foundational class teaches the basic movements of weight training with a strong emphasis on proper form.  Incorporate multi-muscular, multi-joint combination exercises to improve strength and balance. Great music to keep motivated, build skill and coordination. Class…
  • hamburg fitness

    Cardio Kickbox

    Strike, punch & kick your way into a high energy workout! Melt calories, build strength & stamina in this class inspired by moves originating from kick boxing. This class is fiercely energetic and unleashes the energy within using driving music and powerful movements. Top it off with drills to define…
  • boot-camp

    RESET- Cardio & Endurance

    Start your week right with a multi-level class combining aerobic conditioning, drills and calisthenics to redefine your body! Melt away those unwanted pounds with lunges, push-ups and squats to increase muscle strength, endurance and functional movement. Experience a complete workout, all to upbeat music sure to motivate every movement. Use…
  • water-aerobics

    Water Aerobics

    A high intensity cardiovascular class taught in our indoor pool. Move to the rhythm of popular music and have fun while getting an invigorating work out. Class is easy on the joints and burns lots of calories! Combine cardio intervals with water resistance to tone muscles and improve strength. Water…
  • water exercise class

    Water Exercise-Audio Trainer

    Water Exercise has all the benefits of Water Aerobics with a gentler approach. This class is especially appropriate for those recovering from injury or experiencing stiffness and stress associated with fatigue and loss of motion. Swimming skills not needed, no instructor present, class taught by a audio trainer. Wear swim attire…
  • Gym-for-kids

    Gym Fit For Kids

    SUSPENDED TEMPORARILY Children will enjoy games that will have them jumping, wiggling, rolling and running and will keep them engaged and active while still having fun! Playful game-like exercises help improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Parachute, balls, and music may be used to keep the group…
  • hamburg fitness

    Gentle Yoga

    Gentle Yoga is a great class for beginners to learn poses, sequencing, proper breathing and integration of the body and mind.  Students move through a series of  poses developed to create harmony and balance. Poses are held to allow the body to settle into each posture and open deep muscles…
  • power-yoga

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Energy, heat and strength are created by combining a sequence of poses in this practice.  A strong foundation is built by integrating body awareness, strength and flexibility while trimming and toning your body. Open the hips, the shoulders, and tap into your core strength.    Yoga mats, blocks and straps…