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Brighton - Michigan

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Karma Yoga

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Hamburg Fitness Ashtanga Yoga

 All levels flow yoga class.

Yoga is not just about what happens on the mat, it’s about how you live your life and give back to the community! Let us help take the stress out of your day, join us and begin your week relaxed. Students will perform sun salutes, standing postures, seated poses and inversions in a warm room to allow the body to naturally cleanse and purify. Deep breathing in rhythm with movement will help to energize and help create a meditative state of mind.This studio is located on the second floor of our facility, and offers a personal experience for participants. Temperature and lighting is controlled and the class is performed in a heated calming environment. Mats, yoga blocks and straps are available. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water for proper hydration.

Our studio will offer a consistent weekly schedule on a pay-per-use basis. First time participants are offered a one time,

Punch Cards may be purchased after your introductory trial.
5 Sessions: Member $40 | Non-Member $60
10 Sessions: Member $75 | Non-Member $115
20 Sessions: Member $130 | Non-Member $210