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Aikido Martial Arts

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Aikido is first and foremost a martial art and is an excellent form of self-defense. It teaches the importance of awareness, balance, center, posture and breathing. It is also a method of refining one’s character. We train to discover and mend our own shortcomings, not to placate our own egos by seeking weakness in others. 

Aikdo classes consist of techniques performed in paired practice, with one being the “nage”, or defender, and the other as the “uke”, or attacker. Each partner takes turns as uke or nage, thus enabling both to feel the energy of the technique from both sides of the attack. This technique allows partners the opportunity to feel what it takes to ‘unbalance’ an opponent, and how it feels to have a technique applied. Aikido has a base in traditional Japanese weapons work. Classes will incorporate training with wooden weapons, including the bokken (sword), jo (short staff) and tanto (knife). As one’s skill increases, attacks progress from single attackers to multiple armed or unarmed opponents (randori).

Monday and Wednesday | 7:00-8:00pm (begins August 4th, ongoing program)

Location: Group X Studio

Chief Instructor: Paul Domanski, 5th degree Black Belt

Registration: Contact Paul at: 404.353.5260 | www.onepointaikido.com

Cost Per Month: Members $40 | Non-Members $50 | Military Discount $40